Matt Bottali was born & grew up in Ridgefield, CT.  He went through the public school system, continued on and has two associates degrees.  One degree is in Network Adminstration from NVCC and the other is Agronomy – Turgrass Management from the University of Connecticut.  Matthew graduated from UConn’s Agricultural college in 2005.  He was also scholarship winner from the CT Groundskeepers Association.

Growing up, Matt was always interested in tractors and lawn mowers.  At a young age Matt’s chores around the house included mowing the lawn, which probably got the ball rolling.  From there Matt was always tinkering with equipment, helping out neighbors.  Matt’s excellent work ethic landed him a job at a young age at Ridgefield’s public golf course and was the neighborhood kid mowing lawns after school.

If you want to know a little more about Matt’s hobbies or interests you can find him on FaceBook, LinkedIn.