Hydroseeding is another specialty service we offer at Stateline Landscaping, LLC.  We are members of the IAHP too!  We have two machines capable of doing small or large jobs.  We utilize hydroseeding as much as possible in our projects versus regular hand-seeding and hay application as the hydroseeding process is a better method. Rates vary by square footage.  We have a 2,000 square foot minimum and are capable of seeding a few acres efficiently too.   Hydroseeding offers many benefits to hand-seeding, the results often speak for themselves. Often times hydroseeding will germinate in less time because it keeps seedlings moist better than hay.  Faster germination means less run-off and weed infiltration.

Hydroseeding is also used for erosion control & wildflower seed installation.  Unlike sod, any type (shade, sun/shade, sun) grass type can be used depending on your property.  Multiple tank-load jobs can also be custom mixed depending on different light-levels around the property.