With multiple tractors available we have the correct machine for the job.  Whether it be removing stumps, loading horse manure, tilling a vegetable garden, turning a compost pile or grading a lawn/driveway we can get it done quickly!

Our small tractor fits through a 50″ gate and is not much heavier than an older riding lawn mower.  It’s compact size means no-messy cleanup from lawn damage.  It is capable of lifting several hundred pounds and runs a variety of attachments.  One of the best attachments is our rototiller.  We can till up a lawn for re-seeding, till up a vegetable garden (new or old) and turn  & shred compost piles (leaves, manure, etc).  This small power-house makes short work of otherwise labor intensive jobs.  We have a 2hr minimum rate for this machine and one attachment (we can bring multiple attachments for a small extra cost).
Our large tractor is capable of lifting the largest rocks, digging out stumps, loading large dumpsters with horse manure.  We use this machine frequently for installing new gravel driveways or re-grading lawn areas.    This machine carries a 4 hr minimum rate with the backhoe and forks/loader bucket.